Magical Queen

Ice Queen

with ice powers


Find the snowman

The Ice Queen leads the kids on a snowy hide-and-seek adventure. Instead of hiding, they search for a small snowman figure hidden around the house. With the Ice Queen’s guidance and hints, the children embark on a magical journey.

Queen Storys

A magical storytime with the Ice Queen as she shares her enchanting adventures with her sister. Join us for heartwarming tales filled with bravery, friendship, and sisterly love. Let Wonderland Babysitters spark your child’s imagination with captivating storytelling in an extraordinary world of wonder. 

Arts & Crafts

Our Ice Queen leads the kids in crafting paper snowmen, making bracelets, crowns, and more. With a touch of magic, they’ll create keepsakes and memories to treasure forever. 

Princess in training

Your child will become a radiant princess with glitter tattoos, face gems, and a sparkling crown they’ve crafted. With the Ice Queen’s guidance, they’ll learn about kindness and courage, leaving with cherished memories of an enchanting day.

More Activities

And that’s not all, we have tons more activities we can do together. Join us for a day of creativity, laughter, and enchantment!